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There are tons of grilled fruit recipes out there�well, maybe not tons, but there are a number of them. And, many of these recipes are complicated when they need not be.
The point is: there is no need to go "bananas" when preparing and grilling fruit. There are simple ways of fixing it and impressing your family and guests�.and, yes�.even yourself.
Actually, you can just pour rum on any fruit and just eat away without any grilling involved. You can also pour a lot of rum in you, and you won't care if you grill any fruit, or impress anybody, or not. Simple recipe�end of "blog post".
But, you are serious griller, aren't you? Alright then, let's cut the fluff and get down to business�let's get technical!
If you have been following my blog, you have, haven't you? I like simple recipes and I attempt to pass a few of them on to you.
So now, assuming that just serious folks remain, let's get started! Lesson One: Brown sugar is (unrefined sugar), meaning it's unrefined and not suppose to have any class whatsoever.
Now, you know everything about brown sugar you will ever need to know, except when it is used as a marinade for fruit. And, yes, it has class!
It has magicial powers when mixed with fruit, and if you never add anything else when grilling fruit, this is the one thing that will put your grilling at the top, other than doing the rum thing.
Lesson Two: What to do? What to do? Get yourself a good marinating vessel. Tupperware or a shallow glass dish will do.
Spread the fruit out and pour a generous amount of brown sugar over it. Rub it in thoroughly . I like to let it marinate for at least an half hour before grilling.
If grilling pineapple cut vertically around the core�see my previous post. You can also cut it horizonally leaving the core.
Peaches you can halve and get the pit out. However, nectarines, plums are "the pits" to core. You may have to cut in quarters or eights to remove the pits.
If I have small pieces of fruit I use a wire mess grill pan so that the fruit doesn't fall thru the grill. Grilling time is around ten minutes total. Make sure you keep tossing or rolling the fruit when grilling.
A high-medium heat will suffice on the grill, whether it be gas or charcoal. I hope you enjoy these simple grilled fruit recipes as we go through the BBQ season.

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