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The Northwest is not the "Hot Dog Capital of the World". But, who cares if you can find just one, maybe two great places to get really good hot dogs in your locale.
If I get a craving for a hot dog, I have two choices. One: I live pretty close to a place called Roakes in Milwaukie, Oregon (About six miles south of Portland) if I need an instant hot dog fix. They have to have one of the best spicy chili sauces I have ever tasted for their foot longs....super secret sauce and all that.
Too, they also have the best fries I have ever tasted. You don't even have to dip them into anything gross. Eat em' the way they are. Whatever way they prepare them, believe me, "they have got it down".
I also think they have one of the best hamburgers around. However, all in all, if you are on a health kick....maybe this isn't the place! But, even if you are, you can treat yourself every once in awhile to one of their superb hotdogs...just diet the next day.
Second: I really like to grill my own hot dogs.
And, I am not talking about any old weiner, I'm talking about "Seattle Mariner Hot Dogs". Now, clarification time: I live in Oregon, not Washington.
There is a super market where I live by the name of "Hagens". They are a Washington State based business, located in Oregon and they sell the Mariner hot dogs in their meat market. These are real smart folks!
Ok! Is there is such thing as a healthy hot dog?....well, maybe you can decipher that for yourself.
I think they are quality "dogs", as far as I can tell, and don't have all the "crap" ingredients that some of the other "hot dogs" have.
Serious time: I use my gas BBQ when grilling Seattle Mariner Hot Dogs. It makes a big difference in the way they taste. Hey, you could use your Traeger, Weber Charcoal grill, or whatever.
Bam! I go out in the dead of winter to get these puppies on the grill. I suppose you could broil them inside if you had to....but "holy smoke, geez, holy jumpin'up and down....get a grip"!
Where do you get these wonderful, super hot dogs in your neck of the woods? I don't have a clue! But, my guess is they go by different names´┐Ż.Boston Red Sox Hot Dogs, New York Yankees Hot Dogs, Chicago Cub Hot Dogs.

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