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"The rain is cold - the barbecuin' is bold � Deep in the heart of Orygun! When the sun does shine � the Salmon is devine � Deep in the heart of Orygun!"
This is a simple little BBQ Salmon recipe that designed to taste really mouth-watering good.
Yes, I have done the "plank thing" (I still do it). I have done the marinating thing (Still do it), but I like really simple, too. And, I really love to do this on my Traeger Grill, too!
What you see on the BBQ above is a small, filleted whole salmon not caught in the Columbia or Will-ah-mitt, but that's ok! Preparation is back to simple recipes.
  • I like to use a large cookie sheet, place the salmon on the sheet and rub extra-virgin olive oil on
  • Next, sprinkle on a generous amount of "Old Bay Seasoning". Rub it in
  • Sprinkle again, but don't rub in
  • Get the BBQ to high
  • Spray non-stick on the grill
  • Put the salmon on the grill, meat side down
  • Grill for about four minutes and flip the salmon to skin side down
  • Continue to grill until flaky
  • Don't over cook it so much that it dries out
  • Please note I didn't cross grill it. If you think it would look cooler, cross grill it! Add sliced lemons to the top of it. Make it look pretty!
    You can handle a BBQ Salmon recipe that's simple, yet delicious, right?

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