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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away lived a few gas BBQ grills that lasted longer than just a couple of years, hey, maybe even longer than Yoda. One such brand was the Broilmaster. Today that tradition still lives on in all their grills including the P3S Super Premium Gas Grill. They build them like brick "you know what houses"!
I won't waste your time, if you are looking for the cheapest grill out there with all kinds of non-functional bells and whistles proudly made in Lower Greasyslobvovia (everything kinda slides down the wall) ....this ain't the grill for you, dude.
However, if you are looking for something made in the USA, has a tradition, is extremely versatile with cool heat and cooking methods, e.g.; the chow turns out superb, is solidly built, and has a super warranty....well, read on.
Un hombre positivo, no imaginativo: Many folks never get passed grilling hamburgers, steaks and hotdogs on a gas grill. This type of grilling is called direct grilling. You are cooking directly over the heat source. And this is not bad, but, there comes a time in one's life.....
Maybe, just maybe it's time to expand on the hamburger thing and do something else like cook a whole chicken, turkey, pork loin, watermelon roast, ribs. Wake up time: You have to think. You have to cook things like these on indirect heat.

Equate it in trying to cook a whole chicken, in a fry pan on your kitchen stove top. You'll cook the outside of the chicken, but not the inside.
Sure you can cook on indirect heat on a two burner gas grill, but the Broilmaster make the switch from direct heat to indirect heat a snap with a unique shutter system. Much like closing and opening a set of stainless steel Venetian Blinds.
Crunch Time: Open the shutters for conventional grilling and searing over high heat. (Now pay attention!) Close the shutters for indirect grilling and the smoking mode.
Let's say we're doing a whole turkey. Shut the shutter system (cooking on indirect heat) and the drippings will come down on and burn off the shutters to produce a flavorful smoke. Hey, combine this with wood chips and you may just have something thats not readily available on units that are twice the cost. Are you starting to get the picture? I doubt it, but....
You have to ask yourself, "Do I feel lucky, am I about to get intimate with one of the best gas grills out there"? If you are starting to get serious about getting the best grill for the money, run, not walk to Amazon Ad below and check it out for yourself. If you are good and kind to others, they just might give you the best price on the grill.

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