Easy Barbecued Chicken Recipes
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Have you barbecued a chicken lately? This is one of the best and easiest recipes out there. It can be cooked in an oven if you want, or it can be barbecued on a gas, charcoal or on a wood pellet grill.
I always like to bbq several chickens at the same time, but just one will work. If you don't have one already, get yourself a Tupper Ware Marinade container, one that you can turnover without spilling everything.
In addition, you need something to barbecue the chickens in. Nine by 13 disposable aluminum pans, or a utility pan will do nicely.
An equal combination of Italian Seasoning and granulated garlic is used as a dry rub. And, I use Catalina Dressing as a marinade.
� Wash the chickens thoroughly and pat dry
� Place chickens in Tupperware container
� Rub in equal amounts of granulated garlic and Italian Seasoning on all parts of the bird (put a little extra Virgin oil on the chicken so the rub sticks)
� Pour and brush on a generous amount of Catalina over the bird and into the cavity
� Now, sprinkle on more garlic and Italian Seasoning. Don't rub it in
� Marinate overnight (Do not marinate anything in aluminum)
� Before you barbecue, make sure the chickens are set at room temperature for 45 minutes
� Place chicken in the aluminum pans (use two pans to make them sturdier), cavity side up, and pour all the remaining liquid from the Tupperware onto the chicken
You will want to barbecue on indirect heat. On a gas grill, or charcoal grill you simply heat only one side of the grill. Preheat the unit to 325 degrees. Place the chicken on the unheated part of the grill. Close the lid. Don't worry about all this in an oven or wood pellet grills.
You don't want the chickens to dry out, so we are going to baste or mop them with Catalina after one hour and every fifteen minutes after that until their done. Simply, pour some of the dressing into a bowl and brush the bird to keep it moist. Stick a meat thermometer into it to make sure it's done�..usually after one and a half or a couple of hours of cooking.
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