Grilled Corn On The Cob Wrapped In Foil
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The sun is bright!
The corn is ripe!
Deep In the Heart of Oregon!
Microwave corn, you got to be kidding sport fans? We Oregonians grill our Oregon grown corn on the barbie. Real guys and gals grill corn on the barbie.
First though, and for the uniformed: Oregon is located in the "Real West"�.located just west of the Snake River. (It got its name because there's a whole lotta mean snakes in it to keep tourist from swimmin' across and sneakin' into Oregon.)
Ok, here we go! Grilled corn on the cob:
There are choices when cooking corn on the grill. You can cook it with the husks on, or you can cook it wrapped in aluminum foil.
I prefer cooking it wrapped in foil because I pre-butter each ear of corn (you can substitute EVOO). I use foil because there is less chance of leakage, and foil keeps the corn hot, hot, hot.
After pre-buttering you can put any kind of spice you like, but I prefer shaking on "Emeril's Original Essence". It's a very mild spice, but adds a lot of flavor to veggies or meat.
Set the grill at a medium temperature, lighting only one side and placing the corn on the other either in husks or foil. Shut the hood! Cooking time is thirty minutes, or until the corn is soft.
Optional: (How to grill corn.) If you want, you can remove the corn from the aluminum foil, or peel back the husks and place directly on the hot side of the grill. Rotate until you have some nice grill marks on all sides. (Be careful, you are going to have some real hot corn, use mitts and tongs.)�
Return the corn to the foil, or pull the husks back over the corn.
Grilled corn on the cob is literally no hassle. It's an impressive and healthy "side" to anything you care to serve it with. This may sound corny, but you'll never boil corn again!

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