Kielbasa Sausage | Grilled & Eaten!
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Grilled Kielbasa sausage is a blast! Regardless whether I use it in a soup or other dishes, or eat it by itself, I still try to grill it on the barbecue.
Putting it on the grill seems to bring out a particular flavor that I can't get cooking it on the kitchen stovetop or oven. I sometimes have to broil it in the oven, but it still isn't the same as grilling it.
Some recommend that you boil it before placing on a grill. Don't ask me why. Unless the sausage is raw I see no reason to do this. Most prepackaged kielbasa is precooked.
Many things compliment it. It goes very well with potatoes, vegetables, pasta, stir fry, sauerkraut, salads. Try slicing it length-wise and put it on a sandwich along with a quality mustard.
Eat it all by itself and dip into a mustard.
In this day and age, there is low fat kielbasa sausage to be had. Read the labels and make sure you are getting the right one for your dietary needs. Turkey Kielbasa is a favorite.
Our family use it a soup more than anything, especially the turkey variety. It's a great addition and substitute for other meats in a soup.

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