Apple Valley Westside BBQ
0 comment Wednesday, April 30, 2014 |
In Oregon, there's not an over abundance of BBQ places. And, the last place I would expect to see one is in rural Hood River, Oregon.
Yes, maybe in downtown Hood River one of the hottest wind surfing places on the planet, but not way out of town, incorporated with the 19th hole on a golf course that is way, way out of the mainstream.
The next thing that you might not expect is: "It was pretty darn good"!
My wife, our puppy and I were touring the country-side. There are wineries, gift shops and a lot of scenic country to see, in and around Hood River. We found out about the BBQ spot while visiting a rural country store.
We both ordered meat plates, combined with two sides. My wife ordered, pulled pork, and chicken with baked beans & cornbread as sides. I ordered pulled pork and brisket, with beans & cornbread salad. They were out of the salad, so I ended up with fries.
Everything was excellent, except I told them not to put any sauce on our meat, to put it on the side, and I guess they didn't hear me. We are not particularly sauce-loving people.
Anyway, I wish them the best of luck! They are great people and we will find our way back there again.
Located at the Hood River Golf & Country Club 1850 Country Club Road Hood River, OR 97031