Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker Charcoal BBQ
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I have had a water smoker for over thirty years� phony baloney grilled up here, if you are in a hurry there are easier and faster ways to barbecue�...Butt!
(Maybe a Boston Butt to do the pulled pork thing!)
There is nothing more gratifying than using a Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker (Let your little dinky fingers do the walking down to the bottom of the post to check it out) to get your BBQ'ing tasting, prize-winning super duper good. Also, the price is right!
The use of water in this fine smoker is the catalyst. The idea is based on the Chinese method of cooking and steaming. The Chinese have used this system for centuries.
But, as opposed to the Chinese method, you do not want to really steam anything. This means, you don't want to boil the water, so cooking at fairly moderate temperatures, at a slow pace is the answer.
In between the coals at the bottom of the unit, and whatever you are barbecuing, is a pan which you fill with water, or the beverage of your choice. What it does is to self-baste the meat, add moisture and prevent it from burning.
You can add all kinds of things to the water pan to flavor the meat. I have tried all kinds of things. For example, added a cola drink to the pan to glaze a ham. I have added a sliced-up whole onion, garlic and all kinds of marinating sauce.
What happens is: the moisture from the water pan rises up to the top of the doom, in your smoker and back down onto the meat. In other words, you never have to lift the cover off the unit, and mop like you have to on conventional units.
What has impressed me the most (besides the end results) is the sheer quantity of items you can barbecue at the same time. For example, you can BBQ a turkey, a whole ham and corn-on-the-cob all in the same session.
The Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker comes in an 18-1/2 inches and 22-1/2 inches. The most popular size is the 18-1/2 inch smoker.
Both the units have wonderful features that at first may not be important to you. But, Weber wanted to make sure that you could easy add water and charcoal when needed during the cooking process without lifting the cover off the unit.
Both units have air-flow control vents for optimal control to allow longer burning charcoal and tender meats.
A pro-style temperature gauge is a must and Weber had included an excellent one that reads in degrees�.a gauge that only reads "Warm-Ideal-Hot" doesn't get it, dude. You need an accurate, professional gauge that tells you exactly what temperature you are cooking at.
The aroma coming off the Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker is going to impress anyone coming within 50 yards while you are barbecuing. My puppy sez, "Easily a mile, dude!" Hey, make sure you get a cover for unit. It will last twice as long, and also get a charcoal Chimney Starter.
You know what? One of the big things about this grill is a "small footprint" (For the rednecks: Hey! Possums kinda leave small footprints too, man!) If you live in an apartment, or have only a small space for your all your BBQ stuff the Weber Smoker is ideal and you can grill like mad...just forget the water pan thing. You can grill hamburgers, steaks, hotdogs, fish you name it!

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