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Listed are just some of the BBQ grill accessories I feel are necessary for having around. Some will make you a better barbecuer and griller. Some just make it easier to barbecue. Some are just gift ideas.
Number One: If you do any serious-type barbecuing you are going to have to marinate and store things. My best choice is a Tupperware Season-Serve Marinating Container.
They are best for marinating fish, chickens, pork, beef and lamb roasts in. I also use them for marinating fruit and vegetables. You can get a pretty good-size chicken or roast in one.
They are heavy-duty plastic and seal extremely tight. One of the main features is that you can flip the containers over and over again while marinating to assure even distribution, and without spilling marinade all over you and the floor. They measure approximately 12 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches.
Personally, I have two Tupperware Marinating Containers. One I have had for over twenty years, and I use it constantly�it's still like new. Hint! When not in use for marinating things make sure to let someone know about it. They are fabulous for storing cookies in.
Number Two: Everybody has different needs around the grill, but I use a grill brush constantly. Do you?
One of my pet peeves is, once you find a good grill brush, you want to be able to replace just the wire brush part without having to buy an entire new unit.
One such brush, and a rather excellent one at that, is the "Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush". It's all business folks, and you can get replacement brushes for it!
The premise is to find a grill brush that actually "cleans the grill". The Grill Daddy does it a little differently. It actually works like a "steam cleaner". It utilizes the heat from your grill and, believe it or not, uses water to steam clean the grill. People that have them, just love'em!
If there is a fault, it's because they are made out of plastic. But, it gets back to possessing something that actually cleans the grill and you can get replacement brushes for.
Number Three: A good set of barbecue tools that work and will last for years. Such a set is Weber's Pro-Grade Tool Set.
It's a three piece set that consists of a pair of 18 inch long tongs, spatula and fork. A couple of my gripes are: that most sets are awkward to handle because they are too heavy, or too big, or hard to store.
These are not. You also want stainless steel and something that looks cool. The Weber Tool Set fits the bill. These are not those cheapie chrome jobs, dude that won't last.
Number Four: If your only grill is a gas one and you want to enhance the tastes that come off the grill, there are some things that you can invest in. To start with purchase a quality "smoker box" like the "Outset Cast Iron Smoking Box", and wood chips.
Another item to consider real strongly, along with the smoker box, is a Brinkmann Water Pan and extra grill that fits over the pan. You are going to be shocked, stunned and incapacitated for a week after you find out what you can accomplish taste-wise with this setup on a gas grill.

I have written articles, numerous posts on the super results�additional tastes you can get from using a water pan, adding spices, garlic, onions, beer, wine and other things to it, in between the heat and what you are cooking, and guess what?
As far as I know, nobody that I know has ever tried the water pan thing on their gas grill! "Geez! Holy Jumpin' Up And Down, Martha!" Like Tony sez, "Maybe Take Some Action, Dude!"
One guy told me: Ok! Hey! I'll pass it on to my uncle who barbecues a lot�Golly Gee, thanks�that's real swell!
I guess if you don't ever want to improve your grilling skills that's ok. However, if you are interested in improving them leave a message on my blog and I'll help you in any way I can. I won't bite either.
Number Five: A meat thermometer! Ok, you can go out and buy the fanciest digital one on the market. Or, you can buy just a very simple manual one that you stick in whatever you're cooking that tells you when it's done.

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