How Long Do You Grill Asparagus For?
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The short answer to "how long do you grill asparagus for" is: not very long. You will absolutely destroy it if you grill it too long.
Set your grill on medium heat, 325 degrees or so. Shut the hood and let it heat up to temperature. I normally use only one burner...assuming you have a gas grill. On charcoal, use a real medium fire. On a Traeger Grill you can get away with high heat.
Multitasking time: While you are waiting for the grill to do its thing, remove the woody ends from the asparagus.
Pay attention! Remove the woody end from just one stalk. Now you have a measuring devise.
Line up that baby with as many other stalks as you think you can break or cut off at one time.
Repeat, and repeat until you have gone through the bunch. Now you're cookin!
You will find that all your asparagus stalks are uniform. I make them even more uniform by trimming the break points with a knife. Wash and pat dry.
You just became the next Chef George Hirsch. Well, may be not yet, but you're getting there.
Next in your quest for perfection on this recipe, you will want to drizzle a quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil onto the asparagus.
If you didn't use anything else, the olive oil would add a nice dimension to your asparagus. But, let's be creative, let's do a little marinating.
Get yourself a good marinating vessel. Glass is fine, don't use a metal container.
Back to "drizzle"! Drizzle the olive oil on the asparagus along with a quality, balsamic vinegar. (See Below)
Don't go overboard on pouring on either the olive oil or the balsamic. A tad goes a long way.
Sprinkle on cracked pepper and a Kosher Salt but, once again don't go ballistic.
Marinate for about an hour at room temperature. Just remember to co-ordinate this with getting the grill to the right temperature.
Once you have experienced grilled asparagus you will never want to prepare it any other way. It is super by itself, in a salad or in a soup.
Now, back to the question: "how long do you have to grill asparagus for?"�..ten minutes total time should suffice on the grill. Just remember to keep turning and turning to avoid burning. You can tell its getting grilled to completion by the deeper green color and grill marks.

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