BBQ Hot Dogs
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I don't know about you, but I can hardly stand to eat a hot dog unless it has been BBQued, period! And, not just any kind of a hot dog.I'm talking about Seattle Mariner Baseball Stadium Hot Dogs. Now, I don't live in Seattle, and I don't live in Washington.
As a matter of fact, I live in Oregon, but we have a Hagen's grocery store (A Washington-based store) in my hometown. They think so much of them that they carry them in their butcher shop year around.... so we buy these hot dogs year around!
They are a little expensive, because they are about ten cuts above, and a meal in themselves, and very well worth it. Yes! We can even get jumbo buns to go along with these BBQ hot dogs, which naturally puts us in hot dog heaven.
Don't buy cheap hot dogs! Go out of your way to seek out a butcher shop that carries their own premium ones. Store bought ones can be ok, but stick with a brand name and look for "all beef" or turkey content.
Hot dogs that feature bi-products scare me.
Fire up one side of the grill to high heat. Close the lid until you are up to temperature. Let the dogs get up to room temperature a tad before placing on the grill.
Once the dogs are placed on the grill, close the lid again for a couple of minutes. With tongs, roll the hot dogs as to allow even grill marks on all the sides. The whole process should take five minutes.
You can usually tell when they are done because they will start to blister.
Add some home-made baked beans and some potato salad.....and you're there!

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