Gas BBQ Grills | Get A Good One Or Meet Joe Bob!
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I just wrote an article about gas BBQ grills and what price range you should consider when purchasing one. My post here is not going to change much from what I talked about in my article.....that is buy a quality grill.
If you are really serious about purchasing a quality gas BBQ grill, going to a big-box store and picking out a $199.00 special is not the answer. Sure they may look good on the storeroom floor, but´┐Ż.
The first thing you have to do when you get your super-duper "BurnUrMeatUpGasGrill" home is to....attempt to assemble that sucker with instructions in the Lower Slobvian language.
Next, you find out that there are fourteen parts missing and you have to call Lower Slobvia to order the parts. Good luck, dude!
Well, ok, maybe no sweat... they have a one eight hundred number that allows you to get a hold of their sparkling Customer Service Department between 1:00 P.M. and 1:15 P.M., L S Standard Time. (Lower Slobvian Time)
Of course when you call, they kinda have a real funny indistinguible accent. They put you on hold for fifteen minutes and unfortunately you miss "that golden window of opportunity" to order the 14 parts you lack.
The sad part in buying a cheap grill is, that you will probably not find the quality that you need to, for example, successfully grill steaks to perfection. And, mark my word, the more you learn about grilling and barbecuing the more you will wish you paid a little more for a quality grill.
But, not to worry, and the clincher is: After a few years, you'll find that the unit you saved a few bucks on starts to fall apart. Gee!
Most likely, your el cheapo grill will end up as landfill material. Meaning: things break on it, and it will cost more to repair than what you paid for it.'re saved bucks! That's, ok! It's time to meet "Joe Bob" your friendly BBQ Repairman at the: "U Smoke-We Smoke U-BBQ Repair Shop". He's cool....has a super neato pony tail that hasn't been washed in a year...kinda smelly dude.
Two hundred pounds overweight, with a not-so-new tee shirt that reads: "Is Dat-U-BBQ-Grill-Dat-Is-So-Dead, Mon?"
Dude has the jeans that hang over the butt and...which has, the big shiny chrome chain attached to a rather rank and soiled thingy of a wallet.
As you walk in, good old Joe Bob doesn't waste a beat as he so eloquently, and tactfully he has to hundreds B4U:
"Read the sign, man!": "Minimum Charge: $100.00, $85.00 An Hour, + Parts, Dude".
And, rightfully so, he's got a security cage for protection while you sign the paper work and pay up front the hundred bucks it's going to take to even look at your wonderful and bargain barbie. But, do you got a deal, man!
The point is:
  • Don't buy on price alone
  • Buy a brand-name you can trust
  • Buy a brand that has been around for a while
  • Buy a brand that you can get parts for
  • Also, buy a brand that you know has good customer service. Maybe that's a "Duh", but it really isn't. Many folks don't have a clue.
    Many of the cheap brands offer some of the same features that are found on the more expensive gas BBQ grills. For example, infrared cooking surfaces, stainless steel, side burners and such. Some even look like grills costing hundreds, even thousands more. Don't buy into that!

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