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There are probably hundreds and hundreds bratwurst's just one!
The first documented bratwurst, the very first Brat, dates back to the year 1313 A.D. Which means they date me by just a few years.
All this empirical and grand documentation took place in Nuremberg, Germany which is a little east of Mt. Angel where Oregon's super-cool annual "Octoberfest" is held and the Brats are in abundance.
Years ago, I use to head-up an annual picnic for the paper mill I worked for. There was all kinds of meats served....grilled steaks to order, grilled chicken, bratwurst and whole hogs barbecued up.
By far the most popular was the bratwurst. They were boiled in beer and spices in super large pots and then put on the grill.
Folks ate them by themselves, or with a special wheat bun, with or without mustard, horseradish , sauerkraut or whatever. Nothing disappeared faster than the Brats.
Personally, I have tried many ways to fix Bratwurst but I always get back to the best way and that is to boil them in beer until they turn grayish. You can add a fair amount of peppercorns to the beer for an additional taste. Then grill those suckers!
You can just boil them in beer until cooked and then serve them. Forget the grilling and peppercorns.
Add a good sauerkaut and mustard and you've got it! I've looked at many recipes on the net. Some require that you spend all day preparing bratwurst...doing this and doing that. You will find that simple is better.
One of the keys is finding good bratwurst. Ask around and you will get some good answers.
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