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When I was in the Marine Corps way back when, they served pineapples every which way, including grilled with every meal. I mean every meal.
I don't know if they got "real deals" on them or what, but I got to the point I hated pineapple and wouldn't eat it.
It took me a long time, but now I am back to eating pineapple´┐Ż.in fact it is one of my favorite fruits now.
I love to eat it all by itself, love it in fruit salads, and particularly love it grilled on the BBQ.
Most folks are familiar with pineapple as something that you add to a shish kabob. That's cool! But, you can grill pineapple slices all by themselves and they turn out marvelous-like.
I have messed around with several different recipes, but the best one I have found has been simply coating them with brown sugar. Well, you could soak them in rum, too.
I slice the top and bottom off the pineapple and then cut off the outside skin vertically. I then slice the pineapple, again vertically in manageable chucks around the core.
I know they have pineapple coring devices, but there is nothing magical about slicing a pineapple in this manner.
I then get myself a marinating container and pour on the brown sugar. I don't measure anything.
You will find that the pineapple reacts with the brown sugar and is formed as a syrup around the pineapple almost immediately.
I like to get the grill going hot. I use a non-stick on the grill and plop the pineapple on. Use tongs to turn over the fruit. Don't turn too fast as you will break-up the pineapple if you do.
You want nice grill marks on each side of the pineapple. Notice that when the sugar hits the grill it caramelizes very nicely and adds a dimension to the fruit.
In the picture above, I added nectarines to the mix. They are very soft so be careful when turning. I like to serve grilled pineapples warm. I hope you and your family enjoy this simple but delicious treat.

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