Homemade Hamburger Press | Make Your Own, Mon!
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and deem girls, step right up....get your handy, dandy, and I mean deem super duper hamburger presses today! Hey, a millions sold, mon. You ain't going to find deem in any stores. Get your credit card ready, mon, for a big surpise!
Now, mon, only if you call within the next five minutes, I'll not only send you one, but ten of deem suckers (I mean) deem phenomenal hamburger presses that will make your hamburger patties look and taste like they are right out of Chef Ripuoff''s Exclusive Smokin'/Greasy Burger Joint! Hey, Their Motto, mon: "We Make Deem More Greasy Than You Can Ever Imagine, Mon!"
Get Real...Make Your Own Homemade Hamburger Press: If you are really concerned about uniformity and making your patties look great, phenomenal, maybe like Martha's, simply take the old lid off of a gallon-size jar of mayo. Maybe buy a gallon of mayo. Geez, how hard can all of this be? Have you got out of bed yet?
For The Dumbies: Put a little non-stick or olive oil in the lid, and loosely pack it with ground meat. Level it off and plop the patty onto some 6 x 6 parchment paper, a plate, or wax paper.
The gallon-size lids are the perfect size. Once again, don't squish anything. You might even want to work with ground meat that is real, real cold, or half frozen. It will be easier to work with. Beats most hamburger presses to pieces.
Don't buy crappy hamburger unless you are into eating crappy hamburger. Get serious, make your own hamburger, mon. It's easier and a lot more healthful than you think.

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