Weber Performer Grill - Get Your Qing Real Good
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A short little review about a very cool charcoal grill ..... the Weber Performer Grill.
This grill is beautifully designed, well-built unit. It will help you get your BBQ'ing up-to-speed right away, Best of all, help you get that BBQ'ing finger-licking- good.
This is a very easy to use outdoor charcoal barbecue grill. The Weber folks have listened to what folks want in a BBQ, and have manufactured a superb grill.
Charcoal can be one of the best ways to make your Q taste just like the pros....and, Weber has made charcoal easy to use in their Performer Grill.
The Weber Performer Grill is designed to take away all those hassles of dealing with that hard-lighting charcoal. One of the biggest hassles associated with charcoal.
It has a built-in propane lighter to get the charcoal you don't have to be fussing around with it. And, cleaning up the ashes afterwards is a piece of cake. No more getting your hands that for when you are putting the rub on.
The Weber Performer comes with a built in table so that you don't have to be running back and forth to the kitchen. You'll be able to stay outside and enjoy the weather, sip on your favorite beverage, listen to some jazz and blues, while you're trimming up and getting the meat ready to barbecue.
What more could you ask for? Are you startin' to relax yet? Are you startin' to feel it?
Do you like to barbecue all year around? Live in a cold and damp climate? The Weber Performer Grill is built for it.

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