How To Barbecue Pork Ribs-Do You Have A Clue?
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Is it Rib Time? If it is...this is how to barbecue pork ribs. There's no fancy frills here, well maybe just a few thousand to make them finger lickin' good and establish the genius, really cool BBQin' dude you are.
This is a recipe using Country-Style Pork Ribs, or Spare Ribs but the method is the same as Baby Backs, although you have to remove the membrane on the Baby Backs. (For the rednecks: I know, membranes and mebrains kinda sound like the same thing, so please don't get the two confused)
Personally, I like to BBQ Country-Style because I can usually find them a lot cheaper than Baby Backs, and they have more substance.
Go For The Meat!
El Shocko time: Country-Style are not really ribs, dude but they're kinda close to where the actual ribs (baby backs) are on a hog. Hey, they look like great big ribs from a dinosaur, or something real, real large!
Now, it's time to do a shining star thing! Mr.Trump and Martha have decided, on short notice (and flying in on their personal gold-plated copters) to attend your BBQ gig.
However, this is really short notice and you're not prepared. You panic! But, the brain is starting to rally a tad and you are thinking: "Why not serve Donald and Martha Country-Style Pork Ribs, man! Hey, maybe cook up some "beaners", too."
Ok, First Thing: Go out and buy some ribs for the party. Buy the "right ribs"...Country-Style, Spare Ribs. Not the puny kind. Really, how hard can this be?
Wash the ribs and pat dry. Maybe use "Wild Willy's Number One-derful Rub " as a Dry Rub and here is the recipe which Cheryl Jamison, from her book "Smoke & Spice" has given me permission to pass on to you dudes. Cool lady!
Main all-purpose rub, good on pork & beef rib, brisket, chicken, and more (meaning everything).
� 3/4 cup paprika
� 1/4 cup ground black pepper
� 1/4 cup salt
� 1/4 cup sugar
� 2 tablespoons chili powder
� 2 tablespoons garlic powder
� 2 tablespoons onion powder
� 2 teaspoons cayenne
I usually make a slug of this stuff. For those who would rather not mess with making their own...Texas BBQ Rib Rub. (below)
Get yourself a marinating pan, something like a Tupperware Marinating container (see'll never go back) or a large, heavy plastic bag.
Now that you have the Rub, sprinkle on all sides of the ribs and rub in thoroughly. Next apply plain old�.I mean plain old yellow mustard to all sides of the ribs.
If you don't want to get those beautiful pinkies of yours all goopy, use a brush, but real boys and girls use their hands. Yellow mustard has some neat ingredients in it that makes it an excellent marinade.
Apply more Dry Rub, but don't rub it in this time�.put in the fridge over night.
While you are getting the BBQ grill up to a medium temperature, 325 degrees or so. Get your ribs out of the fridge and let them sit out on the counter for a half hour.
I have a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill that cooks on indirect heat. You want to do your ribs on indirect heat if you are doing them on a gas or charcoal grill. You'll burn them to smithereens if you don't.
I prefer to place ribs in a shallow pan lined with foil. I don't like to clean up messes on my grill.
On a gas grill, light only one side of the unit and cook on the other once you are up to temperature. Put the hood down and leave it down for an hour. A low two zone fire on a charcoal grill should get the same results.
Cook the ribs until they reach a temperature of 170 degrees�about an hour. They are done, but you aren't!
Take them off the grill and drain off the fluid. If you are into sauces, coat them with a quality barbecue sauce like Stubb's Original, Emeril's Original BAM, Tony Roma's "Carolina Honeys" or the "Original".
Now we are going to smoke these puppies for four to five hours. On the Traeger, I simply turn to the "Smoke' or "Cold" mode�90 to 110 degrees, and you have never seen so much smoke.
On a gas grill, you will have to get a "smoker box" (see below). Follow the directions on the package, which means soaking the wood chips for a certain length of time before you put them into a smoker box and then onto the grill.
Gas grills are not really meant for "smoking" but you can still get some kind of a positive result.
Place the smoker box on the heat deflectors (on the side you have lite) and turn the grill way down. If you don't you'll burn up the chips so fast it will make your head spin. Leave the hood closed while you are doing the smoking thing.
With the charcoal grill, add chunks of fruit wood rather than chips. You should last about an hour with a large chunk of wood over the coals. Add more.
When smoking, (if you didn't add a BBQ sauce) mist the ribs every hour with a combo of fruit juice and apple cider vinegar�.more juice and just a tad of vinegar. This is a modern way to baste instead of mopping. Use a squirt bottle that puts out a fine mist.
The latest fad has been to boil the ribs first before you BBQ them. Boil water, boil brats (not the children, dude), but don't boil ribs. They will get overdone, burnt, ruined, messed up, have no taste and Donald and Martha will say in unison: "You're Fired!"

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