Pork Ribs Recipes
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Above is a photo of a bunch of bones. This is what results when you prepare pork ribs this cool way!
Of all the rib cuts, many folks will tell you the best ribs are the ones that come from the upper loin part of the hog. These are the baby backs. The bones are curved versus the sparerib bones which are located in the lower part of the loin.
Sparerib bones are flatter, spread further apart and contain more meat than the babies. But, there is much more marbling.
Quiz time for the rednecks�..The marbling thing, can this possibly mean: "Is this what's goin' on when ya all be drinkin' suds and shootin' marbles?"
I started out with 3 pounds of ribs which worked out to about four dollars a pound. I bought baby back ribs, but you could also use spareribs.
First thing is to remove the thin membrane from the underneath side of the ribs. There is an excellent video on how to do this at: Removing Membranes For the rednecks: No, no, not the brain!
This is not my vid�.Just don't forget to come back to my page.
Ok, you have the membrane off. Well, you don't have to remove it, but you will be chewin' till the cows come home if you don't.
Wash and rinse the ribs with water and place in some type of a marinating container like a Tupperware one (below) that you can cover. Do not use any type of metal container or aluminum foil to marinate in.
For the pork ribs I used Paul Prudhomme's Pork & Veal Magic (See Below). Sprinkle on both sides and rub in thoroughly.
Sprinkle on again, but don't rub it in this time. Cover and place in fridge overnight. You can get away with a minimum thirty minute marinating time but, that's for wimps.
After you put the rub on and marinate it overnight your done and we are ready to cook.
Fortunately, I have a Traeger Grill but you can use a water smoker, gas grill to get things cookin'. If you want further info on how to do this on a gas grill leave a note on my blog.
Set out the pork ribs at least 30 minutes before cooking. On a Traeger, start the grill on "Smoke", with the lid open. I used apple pellets. Once started, close the lid and place on "High".
Wait for the high temperature. Reduce to medium heat and stay there.
Place ribs, bottom side down on the grill and cook for a least two hours or until they reach 170 degrees. Once I open the grill to check the temperature I like to mist the pork ribs with apple juice and apple cider vinegar mix�more juice than vinegar. It adds a golden crust.
Reduce heat to the smoke setting for another 30 minutes. When done wrap the ribs in foil and let them sit out 15 minutes before serving. For the rednecks: This means holding your breath for a really, really long time.
My personal feelings are that you can mess up any taste the ribs may have when you dip them, or put any type of BBQ sauce on them. When I was in the Marine Corps there were certain food types that we dipped in ketchup to kill the taste of�.if you do these ribs right you won't have to kill anything. On the other hand, folks will kill to get at em' and eat em'!
Lot's of folks like dipping and BBQ sauces! But, try your ribs without a sauce first. If you don't like them this way you didn't do them right so go ahead and smother em' with something to kill the taste.

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