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My family and I love Jambalaya. We also love Gumbo. In fact, we love a lot of Cajun-style food. Here is a simple recipe for Jambalaya, and since it is BBQ season why not just go ahead and use the barbie?
This isn't a made from scratch recipe. I often wondered exactly what that meant. Do you grow your own rice, or what?
I don't want to shock anyone, but I used a Zatarain's pre-packaged product, along with Kielbasa, chicken and a red pepper to make my Jambalaya. Not to mention shrimp.
If I thought I could make a Jambalaya better. and more economical than Zatarain's, I would do it. They seem to have just the right blend of spices and is very tasty to say the least.
The first thing I do is prepare two packages of Zatarain's Jambalaya mix in a large stock pot. It calls for two and a half cups of water brought to a boil for each package.
You can prepare this on a side burner on the BBQ, or on one of the main burners. I did not. I used my kitchen stove top.
I don't use water as instructed. I substitute low sodium chicken broth and at least one can of beef broth.
After you are done cooking the rice mix, using their exact instructions you will find that you need to add more broth so that it doesn't dry out. Play it by ear!
Zatarains makes suggestions on what meats or seafood to add to Jambalaya mix and you can do that in a number of ways.
They recommend adding smoked sausage, ham, chicken and shrimp. You can add one of these ingredients, one at a time, each time you serve it, or all at once.
By smoked sausage I think they mean Andouille sausage. It is not readily available in my neck of the woods, so I substitute Kielbasa sausage.
I grilled it on a gas barbecue, along with three chicken breasts and a red pepper. Real simple!
After grilling, everything is cut up into bite size chunks and added to the pot. As recipes go this is an easy way to make a Jambalaya recipe that everybody will enjoy, and won't require you to stand over a hot grill, or stove all day long. Below is Zatarain's case of 12.

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