Recipes For A Pork Loin From Deep In The Heart Of You Know Where!
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A lot of folks prefer pork loin to other cuts of pork. They usually are lean, mean and are very easy to prepare. Looking for a couple of recipes, ways to fix them? Well, I really hope so!
But first, my song: "The rain is cold - the barbecuin' is bold � Deep in the heart of Orygun! When the sun does shine � the porks all mine � Deep in the heart of Orygun!"
A pork loin slices up very nicely for a main entrée, stir fry, and, "hey, great sandwiches"!
I started out with a three and half pound loin, took it into the shower and washed it, light coating of extra-virgin olive oil, and then I used "Wild Willy's Number One-derful Rub" to season it. Here is how to make the Rub..... Bub!
I place the loin into a nice size baking pan that is lined with aluminum foil.
Now, you can buy a commercial rub if it is inconvenient to make your own, but half the fun is "making your own rub". And, you will save a little money at the same time.
You can also use plain-old yellow mustard as a marinade. It really does work. But first, generously sprinkle on Wild Willy's, and then rub the mixture over the entire pork loin.
Next, administer a heavy coat of mustard over the loin. Sissies may have to put on latex gloves to do this. (Just kidding!) Sprinkle again with Wild Willy's, but don't rub it in this time. No need to refrigerate overnight, but I usually do. Don't marinate anything in foil overnight. However, if you do refrigerate you will have to let it set out for at least 30 minutes prior to putting it on the barbie, or in the oven.
In the interim, start the barbie! If you can't start the barbie, you are done. Well, not really. You might have to use a conventional oven, especially if you don't have a BBQ. Whether you use a BBQ, or oven, set the temperature at 325 degrees.
If you are planning on barbecuing the loin, you will want to use indirect heat. On a gas grill, this means turning off the burners on one side of the grill and cooking on the other. On a charcoal grill, pushing the coals to one side and cooking on the other. Keep the lid on the barbie closed.
As far as recipes, for a roast, you are going to cook the pork loin anywhere from one and a half to three hours. During the last half hour of the cooking process, spray on a mixture of either orange juice, or apple juice. Combine this with a little apple cider vinegar. This adds flavor and keeps the pork moist.
A cup of juice with about a tablespoon of the vinegar should suffice. And, don't go berserk spraying. A light misting should do it. (Takes the place of mopping, and makes less of a mess)
When I was in the Marine Corps I did a lot of mopping, and I prefer the "misting thing", now.
Use a meat thermometer to check on doneness. Continue misting on your juice concoction on the hour.
Smoking your pork loin may be desirable. There are a couple of ways to do it. For the gas grill, you can add a smoker box with wood chips (available at most hardware stores, with directions).
If I cook a roast on a gas grill, I use a water pan with a grill on top of that, along with the smoker box on top of the flame deflector (On the hot side).
Make sure you can close the lid over the water pan and roast. The pan has to be in the center, or the lid won't close. The use of a water pan makes it self-basting, but in the last stages of smoking and cooking I mist the meat anyway. If you want you can add garlic, onion, spices, or whatever to the pan, it will help flavor anything that you are cooking.
Or, you can add like a drop or two of Hickory Seasoning Liquid Smoke to you spray bottle. Be careful, a little goes a long way. Personally, I am not a liquid smoke guy.
For charcoal grills, simply add a few presoaked chips to the coals.
Irregardless, of what recipe you use for the pork loin, once it's done, let it sit out on the table for a while�.fifteen minutes or so. Wrap it up in foil after taking it out of the oven, or BBQ. Store or freeze in an air tight freezer bag.

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