Tupperware Season-Serve Marinating Container
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Geez, you really can't have enough Tupperware Season-Serve Marinating Containers! Especially, if you do any serious marinating...and some other things. Now. read this whole post, dude, cause we're going to do a test thing later.
My wife bought two Tupperware Marinating Containers for me in the late eighties at a Tupperware party. And, I have had them ever since.
They are 10 � wide by 12 � long by 5 inches high. And, it's amazing how much they will hold.
Of course, you are not going to get a twenty five pound turkey in one. What were you thinking? But, you can easily place a really big chicken or roast in one.
Shock time: Besides the marinating thing, they also hold a whole bunch of my wife's home-made chocolate chip cookies, keeping them extremely fresh in a airtight container for days. Of course, you aren't the least bit interested in doing the fresh tasting cookie thing, are you?
Hey, back to marinating: Once the lid is closed you can turn the container over and over again, which is one of the ideas behind the container, to thoroughly slosh marinade all over whatever you are marinating without spilling a drop.
The Tupperware containers are constructed out of heavy duty plastic. Mine are like new after twenty years of constant use. Duh! Are you starting to get a clue, yet?
They wash up good after use. I never use soap to clean them, just wash them out with real hot water and let them air dry. How hard can this all be, get a grip, dude?
They store easy when not in use. You simply reverse the lid and place it inside the other part for easy storage.
Sure you can marinate things in plastic bags, but that can get expensive after a while and are cumbersome to store in the fridge. In the long run, you'll find that a Tupperware Marinating Container will more than pay for itself. Now, after all this lengthy verbage here, a clue here and there, maybe the grip thing, is the brain starting to rally?

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