Watermelon Roast
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On Monday, January 12th, (Let's get real, this wasn't really on the above date) I got off my duff and barbecued a watermelon roast and a pork loin on my gas grill. The roast is on the front part of the grill and the pork loin in back using a Brinkmann Water Pan and Grill.
You can purchase the pan through Amazon (below). Get the grill at a local hardware store that fits the pan.
It's well worth your time to do this, but most folks won't bother.
I prefer to barbecue these type of cuts using a water pan between the fire and whatever I am barbecuing. You won't believe how it keeps the moisture in. And you can put onions, garlic, apple, oranges, liquid smoke, a brew ( or put the brew in you), and just about anything you want to flavor the meat with in the water pan.
Prepare the watermelon roast by applying EVOO and a Dry Rub. I used my favorite "Wild Willy's Number One-derful Rub Recipe" ......see my earlier post here for the recipe.
There was "no further action required" with the watermelon roast, other than sprinkling a little more Rub on it. But, with the pork loin, I applied and rubbed in Paul Prudomme's Pork and Veal Magic (below) as the Rub and covered it with plain-old yellow mustard, and then sprinkling on even more Pork and Veal Magic, but not rubbing it in this time.
I put it all in the fridge overnight (in a safe marinade pan, don't use aluminum foil) and then sit it out on the kitchen counter for about a half hour before barbecuing. In the meanwhile I started the gas grill on high, on only one burner. Although you can turn on all the burners.
Place the water pan in the middle of the grill so you can shut the lid while cooking. Turn the heat to medium 325-350 degrees.
Using the water pan feature, the barbecuing times will increase, but check your watermelon roast after an hour and a half for doneness ( I don't do well-done). The pork will take longer...170 degrees. (I had a pop-up button on the pork) Don't overcook!
I didn't mop the roast like the normal person would, but after an hour or so on the grill, I sprayed on a mixture of apple juice and apple cider vinegar on the pork loin. (Get a spray bottle like what is in the above photo). Spray every half hour after until the loin is done, or you are personally smoked and done!

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