Tips For Using A Weber Charcoal Grill
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When I first started BBQ'ing (real far back, I'm a bit of a fossil) there weren't too many tips for using a Weber charcoal grill, or any other kind of a grill. Zilch! Nada!
Things have changed. As barbecuing has become more popular, the BBQ accessories and knowledge of "just what makes good barbecue" is at your finger tips, especially for the Weber.
Tip One
More of the fossil thing, I don't remember anyone having a chimney starter to get their charcoal going way back when. If you don't have one, acquiring a chimney starter would be a great start to your barbecuing experience...providing you don't have Touch-N-Go gas-ignition system on your Weber already.
They are a snap to use and require just a piece of newspaper to get your charcoal going. The days of using charcoal lighter fluid to start things is over. Do you really want to introduce family and friends to the lighter fluid taste?
Tip Two
Using a quality charcoal instead of the local grocery store variety of briquettes helps immensely. Good charcoal is made out of real wood and helps to put grilling and barbecuing at the very top of the scale.
OK, you can use name-brand briquettes, just stay away from el cheapo generic brands.
Tip Three
If you ever want to get past hamburgers, Shish Kabobs and steak and get into pulled pork, ribs, whole chickens, turkeys and brisket you are going to have to learn about indirect grilling on your Weber.
In a nutshell, it means heating one side of the grill and not the other. You shove the charcoal to one side of the grill and barbecue on the cool side. This prevents scorching and burning whatever you have on the grill and allows you to slow-cook things for hours. This is super important in acquiring genuine barbecue results.
Tip Four
When you slow-cook you can also use a water pan specifically designed for a Weber grill...... "The Smokenator". This adds a real dimension to whatever meat you are barbecuing. It helps to retain moisture in the meat and keeps it from drying out.
You can add garlic and onion, including all kinds of spices (or a brew) to the pan. This will enhance the taste of whatever you are cooking. But, a pan is just an option for slow-cooking.
But, if you use a water pan you don't necessarily have to "mop" when you slow-cook, but I do anyway.
Tip Five
What is mopping? Anything to do with mopping the floor? Nooooo! There are literally little tiny mops that you can use to add BBQ sauce, butter and spice mixes to what you are barbecuing. In essence, it helps keep meat moist and adds flavor. However, you don't want to do that until the last stages of cooking.
If you are using a heavy sauce or butter to mop the meat with, use a BBQ mop. If not, I prefer to use a squirt bottle.
I like to use fruit juices and apple cider vinegar in my squirt bottle. They refer to it as "misting". Personally, I think it beats mopping all to pieces...but, once again it depends upon what you want to add to the meat. It's hard to mist butter or barbecue sauce out of a squirt bottle.
For misting, add a cup of orange juice, or apple juice into the bottle, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the juice´┐Ż.you're all set.
With a couple of hours left on your slow-cooking start misting, or mopping on the half hour until done.
This is not one hundred tips for using a Weber charcoal grill. The whole idea is to get you started on making your grilling experience exceptional, and make you look like a pro in front of family and friends. So where do you get all this stuff? I'm here to help, so leave me a comment.

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