Who Makes The Best Gas Grill?
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If you are like me, you don't want to buy anything that is garbage whether it is a gas grill or a box of toothpicks.
I have had the same gas grill for over 20 years. I know what I am talking about. I did some research back then, just like you are doing now, and it paid off. I've had to replace one worn-out hose in those 20 years and that's it.
Time has a lot to say about just who makes the best grill, and I would lean toward those that have been around for awhile like Weber, OCI and Luxor. Ok, you can go to the big box stores. But, most of their grills are down a few notches...many are junk. They may claim they have many of the features the top ones do, but are not of the same quality, folks.
I can almost guarantee that if you buy a cheap gas grill that you will be replacing it in two years. Further with your cheap grill you won't be be going green. You'll be right in there with filling up the landfill. Do your homework. A gas grill that you will love cooking on is not going to be cheap.
A 30 inch Luxor Grill It's a dream to grill on. It even has a smoker box and infrared burner....it is very easy to cook on and super easy to clean. It's designed and built to last for years and years.
The OCI Gas Grills Elite 36 Inch Natural Gas Grill On Cart With Sear Zone Burner And Rotisserie is even more money but has more frills than the Luxor and is well worth checking out if you want to grill on the best. It is also six inches larger than the Luxor.
The Weber Gas Grills Summit S-670 Propane Gas Grill W/ Sear Burner is the most economical choice of these three and you have the Weber name. It's not an el-cheapo made grill and it should last for years. You do want to invest in something that last for more than 2 years, don't you?
I am not going to say much more. If you are looking for a cheap grill, "these are not it"! Take yourself to the landfill....you'll find all kinds. If you are looking for a gas grill that is way above the norm, here are three of the very best! Like Chef George Hirsch (For me the greatest griller in the world) would say, "Know Your Fire!"

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