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You can never learn enough about barbecuing. And, if you want to get your BBQ'ing right to the top you might want to look into some of the better barbecue books out there. One that I have reviewed and highly recommend is: "BBQ Secrets Revealed" (Link) by Randy Pryor.
Many of the BBQ books that you will come across only cover a few basic things. This book is as through as you can get. It has everything you need to know about barbecuing all in one spot.
It is an E-Book. It has 129 pages that covers everything that you ever wanted to know about BBQing and forgot. It covers how to prepare any given meat, seafood to perfection.
Randy features almost 100 different Rubs in "BBQ Secrets Revealed"...anywhere from an Adobo Rub to a Yucatan Lobster Rub. Like a good Cajun Rub? He features four different ones.
There are almost sixty different marinades from an Achiote Marinade For Beef to a Yucatan Marinade. He has twenty three different sauces that you can prepare.
You can have all kinds of fun showing friends and family your new skills in preparing your own sauces. Why buy them pre-packaged when you can make them from scratch.
Here's more: "How to Make the Best Possible Hamburger Page 105. How to Make the Best Possible Hot Dog Page 106. Is There Such A Thing As a Healthy Sausage? Page 109."
Don't know how to fix steaks the right way...Randy covers virtually every steak cut and how to prepare them the right way.
Is pork a mystery? Randy indentifies all the various cuts for you and how to prepare them.
Next, he gets into preparing chicken the right way. And, last but not least shrimp on the barbie and how to prepare seafood that will impress the masses. "BBQ Secrets Revealed" (Link)
Inside you are going to discover all kinds of exciting tips: (and here are just a few)
  • You'll learn how to make the ultimate dry rubs, marinates and sauces
  • How to tell when your grill is at the perfect temperature for the meat you're preparing
  • What bbq accessories do you really need
  • Learn how to bbq baby back ribs that will taste "like you died and went to heaven"
  • Tons of barbecue, grilling and just plain good everyday recipes
  • Here are some other books that are easily recommended. You are not going to go wrong looking into any of them.
    Big Bob Gibson's "BBQ Book" is considered a classic right now and gets very good reviews. Also, "The Barbecue Bible" by Steven Raichlen receives high marks.
    From-The-Heart-Plug-Time: If you want to expand on your grilling skills, maybe beyond the "meat thing", there are no better folks to learn from than George Hirsch's Books! I consider him to be one of the best chefs, people and grillers in the world, and he does it all with your genuine good health in mind.
    If you are only interested in "food pics" or the meaty thing maybe his books are not for you. If you want down-to-earth phenomenal recipes and hints on how to improve your skills big time on the grill, buy every book he has ever authored. (I only listed 2 of many)
    I'm proud to say I grill his recipes all the time and have learned more from him than anybody out there. He's got it more than down, folks!
    I do not blog his recipes. They are his! However, maybe I'll sneak in his Cuban Stew on-the-grill with his permission.
    I receive no commission, considerations or anything out of this...He has a free newsletter, "Daily Food" you'll be glad you signed up for it! In fact, you'll be estastic that you did!
    He doesn't bombard with non essentials, just cool stuff.

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