How To Cook Beef Bottom Round Roast
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"Ladies and gentleman...boys and girls, step right up to this here platform and get your beef bottom round roast at only $2.99 a pound while they last! Y'all better hurry or y'all goin' miss out !"
Actually, watch the ads! Beef roasts like this are on sale quite a bit of the time at $2.99 and even less at your local butcher's.
Why pay $9.99 a pound for deli roast beef when you can prepare and cook your very own beef roast that's going to surpass most over-the-counter sliced deli meat in taste and quality?
Whether you cook this in a kitchen oven or put it on the grill you can come out with something that will knock folk's socks off. So knock their socks off!
I started out with a three and a third pound beef roast. Butchers like to label beef roasts a little differently but look for something like:" Beef Round Sirloin Tip Roast", or something similar. Capisce?
I like to season it and marinate overnight to tenderize it a tad. We don't want it to turn out tough do we?
Wash it and pat dry. Poke numerous holes in it with a big ol' fork to help the seasoning and marinade penetrate the roast. Still awake?

For this one time, I used Chef Paul Prudhomme's "Little Italy Seasoning" as a Rub. Poured it on generously and rubbed it over the entire roast. I also used a generous amount of a cool product, "Apple Valley's Huckleberry Pear Grilling Sauce" as a marinade. Love fruit flavors!

Now, you can do what I did. But, any quality seasoning and marinade will do the trick. For example, Italian dressing makes for an excellent marinade. You can even skip the Rub because Italian dressing has all the necessary ingredients to flavor and tenderize your beef.
When you marinate something it's wise to use a plastic bag or plastic container to marinate things in the fridge overnight. Metal, aluminum and marinade are a bad combo health-wise.
I favor a Tupperware Marinating Container. They seal airtight and are heavy duty and I have had one of my two containers for over 30 years.
Next Day: While getting up to a medium temperature...325-350 degrees, let the roast sit out on the counter for one half hour before cooking.
If cooking in the oven place the roast in a ribbed roasting pan that keeps it elevated away from the bottom of the pan or it will burn. Add more marinade to the pan so you have some liquid at the bottom.
On a grill cook on indirect heat. Meaning: Light one side of the BBQ and cook on the other with the hood down at a medium temperature.
Cooking time is around two hours for a three plus pound roast or 140 degrees for medium rare, longer for medium and well done.
Use a meat thermometer, don't guess!
Before carving, let the roast sit out for fifteen minutes before carving. Slice thinly at a slight angle.

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