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They have barbecued spaghetti in Cincinnati (And really super excellent good stuff) , but why not any Barbecued Potato Salad! Do we really have to go to Orygun to do this?
As Clint would say, "Well, you better know your can barbecue potato salad.... if you want, but only if you think you're lucky....well do ya, punk?"
Anyway, this is a recipe for potato salad (that U maybe not wanta kinda throw on the BBQ Grill, mon)!
This is my wife's recipe. I am partial, but I have never eaten a better potato salad than hers! I know I lost it´┐Żnobody can possibly have a better recipe for potato salad than Amy WinebeatUupbadmon!
  • Red, or Yukon Gold, Purple Potatoes. (Use the best! Use a combo!)
  • Mayo
  • Eggs
  • Black Olives
  • Green Onions
  • Dill Weed
  • Hamburger Dill Pickle Juice
  • Boil, or nuke, in their jackets whatever amount of potatoes you think that you and your family can eat. You might even want to boil more potatoes than you think you can eat. Cool the spuds, meaning stick them in the fridge. And, yes, even overnight.
    Ok, this is where the barbie comes in. Don't nuke the spuds, dude! Don't boil them, mon! I don't know why but they just taste better when you cook them on the grill outside. If you don't know how to do this, leave notes on my blog and maybe I will help you, and maybe I won't.
    Meanwhile, (back at the ranch), hard boil about four or five eggs, cool them too. If you don't know how to boil eggs...Geez, maybe we get back to "how to boil water"!
    Get yourself a great big Martha bowl. If you don't know who Martha is, don't bother with this recipe, buzz off!
    Slice up the cooled potatoes (jackets and all, if you prefer), and eggs. Slice them, but don't dice them. Put them both into that big bowl and add enough Mayo to adhere the works.
    Slice up a dozen, or so black olives. Cut each olive into thirds. Cut up and add a couple of green onions. Maybe add some more Mayo. Add a half cup of Dill Pickle juice, and sprinkle on a liberal portion of Dill Weed.
    For The Rednecks: Not "dim", dude...."dill"! Stir all the ingredients. Refrigerate and let things mingle before serving.
    You could add bacon to the salad. You could add cajun seasoning and/or cracked pepper.
    I realize that this is not Amy Baby's recipe for potato salad. You could hurt her feelings and she may beat on your bode, but try it anyway.

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