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I couldn't help myself, I had to grill some Beef Sirloin Filets wrapped in Apple-Smoked Bacon over the weekend. Our Shih Tzu puppy was lined up in front of the BBQ before I could take the cover off.
These cuts of sirloin steaks are one and a half to two inches thick and three inches in diameter. And, one of the more challenging steaks that you can grill, because of the thickness, and the bacon.
No matter what kind of steak your are grilling, cooking times are going to vary based on the thickness of the steak. This is where a good thermometer for your barbecue comes in, and use of a good meat thermometer becomes essential.
A quality gas barbecue can heat up to 600 degrees. If you were to pop those sirloin filets I grilled over the weekend, on the grill, at that temperature, they would have burned on the outside and been raw in the inside.
The whole theory behind cooking a steak the right way is to sear it on the outside in order to seal in the juices. On my gas grill, you can do this at a reasonable temperature e.g.; 425 to 450.
My family likes steaks medium rare. If I cook at 450 I know to cook the thick sirloin steaks for four minutes on each side and immediately check them with a meat therometer.
The internal temperature of the steak should be 140 degrees. If I had cooked them five minutes on each side, medium done, or 160. Around 170 degrees is well done.
If you cook a thinner steak, three quarters or an inch thick, you start scaling down the cooking time. Three minutes to a side may suffice for medium rare.
I hoped I answered a few questions about BBQ steak cooking time. I have been grilling steaks for fifty years and I learn something all the time about it. If you follow these simple guide lines you should be cooking just right everytime.

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