Grill A Beef Bottom Round Roast
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I keep harping about a Beef Bottom Round Roast as an economical cut of meat that you should buy�grill or BBQ and serve. They're good.
The local Safeway store usually has them on. We wait until we can get a real deal on one and then go for it!
We bought a five and a half pound roast. As a rule, they are very lean, although a bit on the tough side.
You can slow cook them on the barbecue, which I have done on the Traeger, or you can grill them on a gas or charcoal grill. This baby I grilled on a gas grill.
Remember the tough thingy. Now, this isn't critical when you slow cook them, but it sure is when you just grill them.
I used McCormick Grill Mates "Zesty Herb Marinade" (see below)
It calls for adding White Vinegar, Water and Vegetable Oil. But, I never follow rules, I substituted EVOO for the Vegetable Oil. It make for a lot of marinade.

Back to the five and a half pound Beef Bottom Round Roast. This is a real chunk of meat and I halved it. It makes it easier to handle.
Nobody is going to tell you this, but I poked every conceivable part of the roast with a rather large fork. Now, get yourself a marinating bag or a Tupperware marinating container (see below).
Saturate that sucker with the marinade. If using a bag, no sweat, but if using a container, pour half the marinade on one side, turn over and pour on the other.
I know the directions on the marinade package say "thirty minute marinade". That ain't long enough, folks. Try overnight!
I pretty much cooked this roast like it was a steak. I turned the gas grill to high, initially. In the meanwhile, take the roast out of the fridge and let it sit out for at least 30 minutes before grilling.
If you have a large roast, you are just about to embark on one of the longest grilling sessions you will ever do. This is not one of those five minutes per side thing. Initially, yes, because you just want to sear it.
Once it was seared, I turned down the heat a tad. You don't want a crispy critter.
I didn't time it, but I say it was more like 25 minutes after searing, that I had the internal temperature of the meat up to 140 degrees, which is rare�.longer for medium and well done.
Wrap the roast in aluminum foil when done and set aside 15 minutes before serving. Slice very thin.
You are going to find that a Beef Bottom Round Roast, if prepare properly is going to be a hit with family, friends and you!

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