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One of the great pleasures in life can be baked potatoes, especially when grilled on the barbecue.
In this grill session, I started out with six medium size Russet Potatoes. However, you can use Red Potatoes, Yukon, Sweet, or any type you want, even a combo.
I prefer to microwave until just about done. You don't want them to turn out all shriveled-up. You want them fairly firm. After microwaving, they are stored in the fridge the day before I want to grill them.
By putting them in the refrigerator overnight it firms them up even more, and then I cut them up length-wise so I have two halves. Next, apply a generous amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the potatoes, and then sprinkled on a nice spice.
Hey, you can use any spice you want! To start maybe something like Emeril's Original Essence (See Below). There's no rules, you can apply a dry BBQ rub, or just salt and pepper. Try them sprinkled with dill and garlic granules.
You can quarter, or cut them into eights for french fries. And , you don't necessarily have to cut the potatoes length-wise. You can slice them up into chip-size. But, make sure you don't cut them so small that they fall through the grill.
Turn the gas grill on to medium heat. On a charcoal grill, you may want to push the coals to one side of the grill and cook on the other side. When up to temperature bake ten minutes, or a tad bit longer, on both sides.
Make sure you rotate the positions of the potatoes on the grill so that they cook evenly. Also, you should end up getting some beautiful grill marks.
If you leave them halved, they can be mashed up, you can add butter, or sour cream & chives, or sprinkle on a nice Parmesan cheese.
Grilled baked potatoes are a blast. They are unique! You will impress family and friends with your grilling skills. And, of course, cooking anything outdoors just makes it taste better.

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