Tuna Melt Recipe
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Get going with a grilled tuna melt! Here is a simple recipe. Well, do you want all recipes you run across to be complicated?
I have been using a rather large ribbed fry pan. But, it's too small to hold over two sandwiches, and there's not really enough space in the pan to turn them over easily.
Better would be some thing like the Lodge cast iron reversible griddle like below. These sandwiches are just to messy to put directly on a grill.
Besides with a cool cast iron griddle you can be grilling things like pancakes, eggs on the smooth side and hamburgers, sausages, steaks on the ribbed side.
Make enough tuna that it's worth your while. One can of tuna doesn't get it. You can inhale one can of tuna all by your lonesome.
Here we go:
  • Two to five cans of tuna
  • Mayo to taste
  • Chopped dill pickle to taste
  • Chopped dill weed to taste
  • Yellow or white cheddar
  • Frozen bread, preferably sour dough
  • Butter or substitute
  • Mix all the tuna ingredients and put in the fridge for at least two hours prior to making up the sandwich. Lay out the bread and lay the cheddar on all the slices.
    Use a soup spoon to scoop the tuna onto one side of the bread and press down to firm it up a tad. Make sure you have the cheddar on the outside of the tuna and not in the middle of the sandwich or you'll be grilling till doomsday to melt the cheese.Put the sandwich together and butter the outside.(lately I have been brushing on EVOO and skipping the butter. It works fine!) Use frozen bread. It's much easier to butter (spread EVOO on) and to handle the sandwich�.any light bulbs beginning to light up?
    Grill away! The tough part is turning the sandwich over as you grill. Use a nice big sturdy spatula for the job.
    You can add chopped celery, onion or anything you want to the tuna melt�.there are no rules, only that you enjoy your creation. As a family, we have a tendency to pour on the cheese and pour on the tuna.

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