How Do I BBQ A Perfect Steak
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How do I BBQ a perfect steak? This depends upon a few factors, and can't be answered in the proverbial "nutshell".
Personally, I like to turn the BBQ to high heat...400 or more degrees. For gas grills, you can attain that temperature in a flash. For charcoal, the coals are red hot. For pellet grills, you can but they are not really designed for searing.
The day before I get ready to grill, (Although you do this the day you plan on BBQ'ing) I apply a small amount of virgin olive oil to the steaks. I generally use an all purpose dry rub....see my archive post, "BBQ Dry Rubs".
This is a dry rub you can make yourself and works wonders for all types of meat. However, if you don't have time to make your own there are some suggestions on what to get at the bottom of the post.
After applying the olive oil, sprinkle generously with the dry rub and rub it into the steak on all sides. Repeat sprinkling on the dry rub, but this time don't rub it in.
Put the steaks into a marinating container such as Tupperware or place into a heavy sealable plastic bag.
Refrigerate overnight. Let the steaks sit out at least 30 minutes before you grill them. Start the BBQ in the meanwhile. Too, you can place them on a "flat cast iron oven grill" in your oven. (You can broil on high, or set the oven at 400 or so). Broiling works very well!
Once I get to the point of grilling, I place the steaks on the grill and shut the cover on the BBQ.I grill for about 4 or five minutes, and I then turn over the steaks.
Grill for 4 or five minutes on the opposite side for medium rare. Up to seven minute for well done.
The thicker the steaks the longer they should cook. Don't keep turning, and turning them. You can use a quality meat thermometer to be sure....140 degrees is rare, 150 medium and 175 is well done.
The whole idea of searing steaks at high temperatures is to seal in the juices. But, on the other hand don't go berserk and grill them at 600 degrees.
Once you have created you grilled masterpiece, you will want it to sit out for five, ten minutes so they can breathe a little.
So I hoped I answered "how do I BBQ a perfect steak"? Everybody will have another way of doing it, but at least you know one way that works!