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Weber Baby Q is just the right grill for taking to the game, and of course, a picnic or camping. It gets up to temperature fast and cooks evenly.
The grill weighs in at 29 pounds. This means it won't just blow with in a wind storm. The Weber Baby Q is designed to sit on a table top, but a stand is also available.
The Weber is cast aluminum and has 189 square inches of cooking area�..this translates to grilling four steaks at a time, or ten hamburgers. The dimensions are: 14 1/8 high, 27 � inches wide and 16 inches deep.
A push-button ignition makes it easy to light at the game, or the picnic and the campsite. You can also use the Weber Baby Q as your main grill at home. You'll be thrilled with the performance of this little guy.
The Baby Q also features a large, heat-resistant lid handle and a porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grate. The grill is fueled by a standard 14.1 ounce propane cylinder which is sold separately.
The small propane tank can be a drawback, but they are readily available in most hardware and big ticket stores. A conversion kit is available if you wanted to go to a full size tank.
The Weber is built of solid cast aluminum. It's not going to rust out on you. It's sturdy and won't fall apart like a lot of other grills do.
With the Weber Baby Q you are going to get those great grill marks too, not to mention great tasting food�so have at it!
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