Turkey Noodle Soup | A Smokin Recipe
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There are probably more than a thousand posts/articles written about how to salvage that leftover turkey from Thanksgiving into turkey noodle soup. So you'll have to brace yourself for yet another recipe!
This isn't a barbecue or grilling recipe, but so what? Well, I did barbecue the turkey, along with a ham on my Traeger Grill for Thanksgiving. Gettin' out in the cold, dude!
But, But, just how many folks think that they have salvaged everything off a turkey they are going to get and just toss it? This revolting statistical aberration will shock you: Most just toss it!
All right, you're different! You have all your ducks lined up! You have been to a "Tony" Seminar. You're motivated! You have the ability to make a delicious turkey noodle soup that will have friends, family and all your enemies screaming for seconds .
  • One leftover turkey (no human turkeys though)
  • One large pot- One large roasting pan
  • Large Colander
  • Kosher Salt, Thyme, Red Pepper Flakes, Parsley Flakes, EVOO
  • Carrots, Celery, Garlic, Onion, Egg Noodles
  • Leave the turkey in a roasting pan. Cover it with fresh tap water, but be careful not to fill the pan completely to the top to prevent spillage while boiling, but cover the turkey with water the best you can.
    Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for four hours. Place your colander over the other pot and slowly pour out the contents of the roasting pan. I prefer to do this in the sink.
    Now you just acquired a little "nectar of the gods" but it will need some more work. You will find out that turkey broth is super blah by itself.
    So, before you do anything, you will want to season the broth. This is where you will want to add some Kosher Salt. Be conservative and add a tad at a time until the "dishwater" taste goes away.
    The next thing to do is add about a teaspoon of Parley Flakes and a half teaspoon of Red Pepper Flakes (real boys & girls can add a lot more pepper). Add Thyme to taste.
    I like unique flavors in my cooking, so I caramelized four garlic cloves and amount half of a small onion. But, first mince the garlic and coarsely chop the onion.
    In a frying pan, along with a couple of tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it's time to sauté the garlic and onion. This is best done by moving all the contents to one side of the pan and sauté until golden brown, even a little burnt looking.
    You will get a very nice & sweet aroma off the garlic and onion when caramelized (I am still trying to learn to say "caramelized" like Chef George Hirsch says it!). Add both to the turkey broth.
    Next, line up & slice up three large carrots and three stocks of celery into bite size chunks and place in the fry pan and sauté for about 6 or seven minutes. Add to the main pot.
    Remember all the turkey bones and meat that's in the colander? Well, it's time to go to work!
    I try to pick out as many bones, and odd little things as I can, first. I use a couple of forks and my fingers (when no one is looking) to separate the turkey meat from the rest.
    Put all the meat into a separate dish and filter through it again. Now, add it to the main pot.
    Next, it's time to do the Egg Noodle thing. Half of a ten ounce package of noodles will do.
    Follow the directions on the package and cook them separately. When you add them to the main pot it won't look like enough, but you'll find out that it is.
    Ok, you are at the stage that your fabulous turkey noodle soup creation is ready to eat. It may even be a "Type A" healthy dish, but not vegan. Hey, don't forget to conjure up a nice bread to go along with it.

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