Weber Charcoal Grill | Compare To Those Expensive Ones
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Weber is the standard and the most recognized name in a charcoal grill, period.
Their grills are built like brick chicken houses, and since the get go, (that means a long time ago) have offered superior grilling and barbecuing ability even for the beginner.
Walk around your neighborhood and you will almost always spot a Weber grill, especially the "kettles". Of course, there is the name, but they have always kept their prices to the point that almost anyone, even someone on a strict budget could afford.
I like to use this analogy. I live right next to the Willamette River in Oregon. During salmon season you will see hundreds of boats out on the river fishing for Chinook salmon all at once.
There are the folks that think they have to have the $35,000 boat to catch fish. Then there is the guy who has the hundred dollar boat that he rows with the old oars.
Hey, the fish don't care if you paid $35,000 for you boat, or a hundred bucks. The guy that has the $100 boats (the guy with the oars) will catch as many fish, if not more than the guy with the fancy $35,000 boat.
The basic $100 boat, with oars in the BBQ world is the Weber Silver Kettle Charcoal Grill. Although, the price is under a hundred bucks.There are lot's of imitators, but there is nothing at that price that is superior, or comes close to the quality. And, if taste is the final denominator, the $5K grill won't taste any better. In fact, it may not taste as good!
The "Silver" can grill and/or barbecue most anything the folks that have the $5000.00 grill can. They just may not have all the conveniences, the guy on the $5K grill has.
But, and if you must, and if you are into conveniences you can move up to a couple of different models, namely the Weber Gold Charcoal Grill and the Weber Performer Charcoal Grill.
What do they have over the basic Silver model? Basically, they both have removable ash catchers and hinged cooking grates for easy re-fueling. You don't have to get your hands dirty at all cleaning ash from the unit. And, you can deal with the lid a lot easier.
In the case of the Weber Performer it has a bin for storing fuel and a propane ignition system and a cool work table.
All can easily accommodate six large succulent (big word) steaks, or twelve juicy mouth-watering hamburgers, or a dozen shish kebabs.
Maybe this isn't quite as much food as the guy with the $5K grill can accommodate, but it tastes just as good..... most likely better, for a lot less bucks.
If you are in the market for a charcoal grill, none comes better than the Weber brand. I would take the Weber Charcoal Grill in a heartbeat over any gas grill that's in the same price range. Hey, maybe even some of those gas grills that are in the $5000 price range.

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