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With barbecue season right on top of us (It's always on top of us), it's time to talk once again about the Weber Performer Charcoal Grill. (Well, just kinda of an earlier post thingy, too)
First the Weber Performer is not some type of an El Cheapo charcoal grill. This is not a ten dollar grill designed to destruct after one BBQ season. It is a grill designed to last and last.
As of the date of this post, there are 173 positive ratings of this product. There are a few minor gripes (A rednecky thing: "I so busy fightin' off the flies, I done forgot to light the charcoal and dat your fault. (And An And/Or thing): I done left the charcoal out in the rain all year to dry out and I won't light."
But, in short, most folks just love their Weber Performer to pieces! It's goin' light your fire, dude!
The BBQin' results you're goin' get are goin' be phenomenal! It's going to impress your family! It's goin' impress your friends, providing you didn't leave all that charcoal out in the rain all year!
All Things Equal: The Performer makes it easy to light charcoal and takes the pain out of having to use foul repulsive smelly, not so good for the environment, dude, charcoal lighter fluid, or a chimney starter to get things going.
They have an auto-ignition feature�a button that you push that gets the charcoal going. How hard can this be? Rally your brain...get with the button!
Technical Time: Basically, what it consists of is a propane welder's torch built into the base of the kettle that ignites the charcoal. This definitely solves the lighting problem�.especially on cold windy days. In essence, this combines a convenient feature of gas grills with charcoal grills.
There are some additional cool features like a dual-purpose thermometer that monitors the temperature inside the grill while you are cooking and then you can removes it to test whatever you are barbecuing for doneness.
You don't have to take the lid off to add charcoal. They have what they call a Tuck-Away holder that holds the lid up and out of the way while you add charcoal, or check internal temperatures of the meat that you are barbecuing.
There are aluminum vents that you can adjust to provide perfect airflow so that the Performer can meet any cooking condition. Hey, there is even a storage container that keeps up to 20 pounds of charcoal nice and dry.
There is also a rack to hold all your BBQ tools and a great set of wheels makes your Weber extremely easy to move around.
Make sure you get a cover�.they are thirty some bucks, but worth every penny. You grill will last much longer if you cover it when not in use.
Is this a recommendation for the Weber Performer Charcoal Grill? Yes! And, I think you will find the price is right�.and, there are 173 folks that have given a super positive review on Amazon.

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