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In an earlier post I talked about Weber Genesis E-310 Gas Grill. Now, it's time to introduce another fabulous gas grill the Weber Genesis S-320.
It's a step up from the E-310 price-wise, currently $917 at Amazon versus $699 for the E-310. The units have the same features and look alike. So what's the difference?
Mainly, the stainless steel construction of the S-320 is the answer. In essence, you are paying for this stainless steel construction which allows longer longevity of the BBQ unit, not to mention that many think the SS look is "super cool".
Features are:
  • Has a fully enclosed storage area. (You may not think this is important until you try to store all your BBQ tools on other barbecue units)
  • Is a three-burner unit, meaning two under the hood and a side burner
  • 42,000 BTUs, which means more than adequate for cooking hot and being able to sear steaks
  • Lot's of cooking space and has a warming rack and it looks cool
  • Critics rate it the best gas Barbie between $500 and $1000
  • Some barbecue purist will tell you that you can't BBQ on a gas grill´┐Ż.no way! With slow-cooking, the use of a smoker box, or lava rock, and/or a water pan, and with the right marinades and rubs you can achieve all kinds of excellent barbecuing results...especially on the Weber Genesis S-320 Grill.
    Personally, I have a gas grill, a charcoal grill and a wood pellet grill. I use all three, but I use the gas grill the most because it is super convenient to use. I have experimented enough with gas grills to get outstanding BBQ results.The Weber Genesis S-320 Gas Grill may, or may not be for you, but I would sure take a serious look at it since it is an outstanding value for the money, and it's built like a brick chicken house, of course minus the chickens.

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