Best Price For Weber Grills
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If you are looking for the best price for Weber Grills this is it, but you also should be looking for quality and the best customer service along with the best price.
For Those Who Are In The Really Fast Lane & Can't Wait To Start Barbecuing...Here It Is:
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But, For The Rest Of The Really Cool Folks Who Can't Wait To Start Barbecuing:
Back in the Sixties my very first barbecue was a Weber Kettle Grill. I let it sit out in the weather uncovered (I live in Oregon) and it lasted probably ten times longer than any other comparable grill would have under those conditions.
Now, if I had taken the time to cover it, or store it out of the weather I would still have it 50 years later. Meaning: Most Weber Barbecues are built like "Brick Chicken Houses"! Well, that expression kind of goes back to the 50's and I won't get into all the guy things about that expression!
Ok, ok! Concerns about quality of some of the Weber Gas Grills are the ones that you find in the Big Box Stores. I recommend you invest only in Genesis Gas Grills and above. There is one exception and that is the Weber Baby Q. Neat grill for the money.
If budget restraints are a concern, buy a Weber Charcoal Grill instead of a low-end gas grill, even over the Q. You will get a lot of grill for the same money that will last you for years.
Especially, look at the Weber Performer Series´┐Ż.they light easy, get up to speed easy and you be turning out chow like the pros, and I dig the cool utility table that it comes with!
The Finale: "Busy Fingers Are Happy Fingers, Dude", so get off your duff and look at the Weber Grill choices on ShoppersChoice! Go back to beginning and use your fingers on this really cool link!

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