BBQ Pineapple Slices
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BBQ pineapple slices make a great dessert and/or compliment pork, beef, and chicken especially when paired on Shish Kabobs.
As a dessert, you can cut the pineapple from top to bottom into four or more wedges, cutting off the ouside and cutting around the core. Or, cut them horizonally, removing the outside casing, and then coreing them. You should have about four slices.
There are numerous recipes for adding some spice to them, but first try putting just brown sugar on them. And, don't spare the brown sugar.
  • Get the grill nice and hot
  • Tad bit of oil, or non-stick on the grill
  • Grill on both sides until light brown and partially caramelized
  • Don't overcook the pineapple, they can get mushy
  • Enjoy!
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