How To Make Regular Meatloaf
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Whoa, what constitutes a recipe for regular meatloaf? There are literally thousands of folks that would never stoop to claim that their recipe is regular´┐Żso standout from the crowd, and for once in your life-time do something that's regular.
But first: Please note, that in the above photo the Sun is shining directly on my "barbie". For anyone thinking about moving to Oregon, sun lasts only ten minutes a year. For the rest of the year...."you'll be so rusty you can't even walk!"
For me, my wife Cheryl makes "regular meatloaf". No fancy ingredients, just plain good old stuff, it's fast, easy and it's delicious:
  • One pound lean hamburger
  • One pound pork sausage
  • One egg
  • One cup of Italian bread crumbs
  • One Tbsp of Worchester Sauce
  • One Tsp of Yellow Mustard
  • Two Tbsp of Ketchup
  • One half of an onion chopped
  • Combine all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl and mix thoroughly. Make sure you get your hands all nice and goopy (Real Boys and Girls do). Place in a loaf pan, or anything that resembles oven proof. Cover top with aluminum foil. For the "dumbies" something that is bright and shiny....and kind of silver-like and comes out of a box.
    Pay Attention, this isn't an"Are we there yet thing?" I cooked this on a gas grill on indirect heat at 400 degrees. You can do the same in the oven. It cooked for two hours and 15 minutes. You want the temperature of the meatloaf to reach 170 degrees.
    Drain the excess liquid off the meatloaf and let it stand for a while before serving. Will you like Cheryl's meatloaf? You had better! Ooh, throw in a couple of baked potatoes on the side, too

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