Grilled French Fries Recipes
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Grilled French Fries make a good "side" for just about anything that comes of the barbecue grill, period! But, can fries possibly taste good, and maybe be a lot healthier for you at the same time? Yes!
First, sure you can go out and buy frozen French Fries and stick them on the grill�but "Holy Cow, dude", get a grip! The whole idea is to find out what happens when you make these puppies from scratch and grill 'em! Delicious is what happens!
For this recipe I used Russet potatoes. You can use any kind of potato you want. Sweet potatoes, red and Yukon are more than excellent choices.
You will find out that one medium size potato is about all you need per person�.for "lunchers"�maybe two.
I placed four medium potatoes, with jackets, in cold water, brought them to a boil and par boiled them for ten minutes ( really speeds up the cooking process), drained those suckers and poured in cold water and some ice cubes. Let 'em sit around for a while.
When they cool down, slice the potatoes up kinda like what you would want a French Fry to look like, with or without the jackets, and place them back into cold water and ice cubes�ideally for about an hour. This helps remove the starchy taste. Rinse them!
I set the heat to high on the grill and brought it down to medium temperature. You can place your cut French Fries directly on the grill (medium heat) by rubbing EVOO on them, but I prefer using a ribbed grill pan, preferably like a Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron one. See Below!
A Good cast iron ribbed pan like the Lodge brand will pay dividends. You can not only do the French Fry thing, you can grill steaks and hamburgers and a multitude of other things. Oil and grease sinks to the bottom of the ribs. Maybe take it camping with you, too!
Place the cut fries into the pan and generously cover them with EVOO. Next, lightly sprinkle on something like Chef Paul Prudhomme's Vegetable Magic (mild ) or Luzianne Cajun Spice for a bolder taste on the fries and toss.
Place on burner and let them cook. You'll get some nice grill marks with the ribbed pan, although the above photo doesn't show this because they are not fully cooked yet.
Once the fries are a golden brown, pat them with a paper towel to remove excessive oil.

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