Beer Can Chicken Two - Upright Delight!
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I don't post every time I barbecue a beer can chicken, but there are a bunch of cool recipes to be had. So here is another to confuse the devil out of you!
If you remember from my last post...(you do don't you?), what the "beer can, or chicken throne, roaster" idea accomplishes, whether it is the brew, or other cool liquids, is to add moisture to the chicken. It also adds great flavor.
A lot of moisture comes out of the bird, and you want it to get as much liquid back into whatever you sit the chicken on, plus, not just have a messy mess onto you're cool grill. So, leave room!
How hard can that be? We'll have a test later to see if your brain is around.
As "Foghorn Leghorn would say, "If you can, can to catch all that steamin' heavin' liquid from that chicken!"
Man, I don't mean that! No chickens, dude! I mean "Beer Can Cow, Man"!
Overview Time: Add a "rub" and/or marinate the chicken beforehand over night, insert a chicken throne, with about half a throne container of brew into the cavity of the chicken. Barbecue it in an upright position, cooking approximately two hours until the bird reaches a 190 degree internal temperature.
(Please note that in a post of May 11, 2010 I no longer recommend using a beer can...they can be toxic...please use a stainless steel chicken throne...they are economical too)
To make this whole thing work you need a big chicken. Remember you are inserting something that has to fit into a rather small cavity. Notice: Please note I have made zero, nada smart remarks here!
Prep Time, dude: We are going to apply a "Rub". See my prior post on making your own. Or, you can simply buy a superior pre-made one like Chef Paul Prudhommes Poultry Magic (Below). Make sure you apply plenty of Rub into the cavity. Rub it in with your hands.
You will find that "Catalina Dressing" makes an excellent marinade. This is not "Duh Time!". It has all the ingredients you need to give your chicken a super, duper, awesome fabulous flavor.
Spread a generous portion of Catalina Dressing over your entire chicken, including the cavity. Sprinkle more Rub on the chicken, but don't rub it in this time.
Marinate the chicken over night in a marinating pan or plastic bag. Take it out of the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before putting it on a pre-warmed grill.
Beer can chicken is easy to do on a gas, charcoal or a wood pellet grill and get excellent results. In this session, I barbecued the chicken on my Traeger Grill. I have a built in pan that eliminates the dripping from the grill and runs them into a bucket.
You will want to set your gas or wood pellet grill to a medium temperature of around 325 degrees. With charcoal, you want a 3-zone split fire. If you don't know what that is, leave a comment.
Cooking time is about two hours, or 190 degrees. Make sure you have reached the 190 degree mark.
Be careful when it's time to get the chicken off the grill. You don't want to be spilling hot liquid all over yourself.
Using a Chicken Rack, Throne, Vertical Chicken Roaster makes thing simpler, really because it is easier to balance the chicken. Take a look at one!
If you don't care about impressing family and friends with a Beer Can Chicken, well just impress yourself!

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