Fire Magic Barbecue Grills | The State Of The Art Echelon Series
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If you are in the market for the very best of barbecue grills, the Fire Magic brand is worth taking a look at�.especially the top-of-the-line "Echelon Series".
One of my goals is to expose you to a barbecue grill that fits your needs. And, you guessed right, everybody will have a different opinion on what that may be. You will have to be the judge.
In my backyard, I have tons of space. I have three different barbecues because I like the idea of cooking with different kinds of fuel, e.g.; gas, wood pellets and charcoal.
You may not have the space or the desire to have two or three different BBQs, but may like the option of cooking with different fuel sources.
The Fire Magic Echelon Series barbecue grills allow you the option of having charcoal, natural gas, propane, and adding wood chips for smoking in an all-in-one barbecue grill.
They have a "duel fuel" setup�and I will expand this to a triple fuel setup. This means you can use either natural gas, or propane (they make it easy to switch back and forth), in two of the compartments, and charcoal in another. You can even have wood smoker boxes going at the same time. And, I didn't even mention the infared red setup for searing steaks. Wow!
The Echelon Series come in three different sizes, for three different spaces and/or budgets. Basically, all have the same neat features�.just different sizes. You can get them free standing, or ready to be built in.

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