Gas Grill Tips
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Just some very useful tips I learned over the years using a water pan, and a grill on top of that, for use on a gas grill.
Using a water pan (with some kind of liquid in it) in between whatever you are cooking and the heat, keeps the meat moist, adds flavor and keeps it from burning. It works very well, same principle as a charcoal smoker although you don't have the constant benefit of charcoal or wood flavoring while cooking However, there are some things that you can do to add a smoky taste on a gas grill so all is not lost.
In the above photo I am using a Brinkmann Water Pan which you can purchase through Amazon. You will also need to put some type of grill over the top of it. A local hardware store should have one that fits nicely over the top.
Some folks use only water in the pan, but you can add all kinds of things to the water, like onion, garlic, cola, beer to give meat added flavor. Add dark beer to give meat like brisket a distinct taste. For a ham, you add a cola product to the pan, which gives the ham a beautiful glaze.
You can also use your gas grill as a smoker using (wood chips pre-soaked in water for 30 minutes) in a metal box wood smoker, or make a tent out of aluminum foil, poking a half dozen holes in it. (Wood smoker boxes & wood chips can be found through Amazon. (See Below)
When I use a water pan, I only light one burner on the grill and get the temperature to no higher than 325 or 340 degrees. And, this depends on what I am cooking. This temperature is fine for pork loins and watermelon roasts.
If slow-cooking, for example a pork shoulder, I want to move the temperature down to 250 degrees, or so. I probably would be doing the pork for 10 to twelve hours.
If you want to add a smoky taste, place a wood smoker, or aluminum tent on the lit side of the grill , right on top of flame diffuser, or try putting it on top of the lit grill (Mine works well on top of the grill). Experiment!
Cooking times will increase when you use a water pan, but you will love the results. Just a few tips to get you to do things you didn't think possible with your gas grill.

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