Frittata Recipe
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Although this recipe was made entirely on the grill, it can easily be made on a stovetop, and using the broiler in the oven.
This is an easy frittata recipe (Could it be Italian?)�don't make it complicated. The hardest part is cleaning the pan. Get a life, Dude! Make your "Significant Other", the kids clean it.. Bet, they will just love it!
I have a Calphalon pan that I specifically use for the oven or the grill. It has two aluminum handles....the pan and handles won't melt when you stick it in the oven. Got it?
Basic Frittata
  • 2 Tablespoons of EVOO (An abbreviation made famous by the fastest cook on the planet)
  • 2 gloves of chopped garlic
  • � chopped small onion
  • 8 eggs
  • 2 or more ounces of cream cheese
  • Whipping cream (optional)
  • 12 ounces of shredded medium white or regular cheddar cheese
  • Frittata Add Ins
  • Mushrooms (To enhance the taste drown 'em with a cool spice such as Emeril's Original )
  • Bunches of fresh spinach to taste (it'll cook down, Dude!)
  • Hash browns or cottage potatoes (Same: To enhance the taste drown 'em in Emeril's Original)
  • Precooked breakfast sausage to taste, or Italian Sausage is an absolute"Gas"
  • Precooked crumbled bacon to taste
  • Precooked chopped ham to taste
  • Feta cheese
  • Sliced black olives, sun-dried tomatoes (Maybe you're starting to get a clue? Geez!)
  • The Frittata you end up with can be a veggie one (Not bad!), or meat oriented. You will find out that the vegetable one can be super exciting just by adding mushrooms and/or fresh spinach, potatoes and just Feta. I have even done numerous Frittatas using "fake eggs" to perfection. It doesn't hurt to do the health thing, Dude.

    So Let's Have A Go:
    In a large oven proof dish, or skillet: Caramelize the onion and garlic in the EVOO.
    Then, add and cook whatever you want in your Frittata....except, later with the spinach.
    Egg Time: Cool the pan and add the eggs. If the pan is too hot you'll fry the eggs. (This is not an egg frying contest!)
    Meanwhile Back At The Ranch: Turn the broiler to high.
    Cut up cream cheese into small pats and add. Stir a little crazy to mix in the cream cheese. Add a small amount of whipping cream to give the eggs some consistency and /or some of the shredded cheese. Again stir, but we are not making scrambled eggs. So cool it! Things should be a little runny at the top.
    Now, let the eggs start to coagulate (big word) a tad. Now's the time to do the spinach thing. Remember that spinach cooks, don't be a stupid, stir a slug of it in with the eggs.
    Note: that the eggs will not be fully cooked on top�stick 'em under the broiler for a minute or two to get them cooked, Duh! Once cooked on top it's time to cover the top with Feta and shredded cheese. Stick back under the broiler again until all the cheese has melted.
    On the grill, I simply place the pan on the cool side of the grill to cook the top, melt the cheese. To master this complicated procedure: Shut the hood, have a brew, open the hood, and guess what?
    Once done, let things firm up for awhile, and then it's time into eight equal slices�like a pizza, man. In closing: You'll find that this recipe for a Frittata is perfect for "Something"!

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