Shrimp Salad Recipe - Makes An Excellent BBQ Side
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Pretty soon it's going to be BBQ season, so here's a little shrimp salad recipe you can use as a side. Actually, I can just eat it all by itself.....and I don't wait till BBQ season.
In my research, I try to find out the history of barbecue sides (with quotes), and discover absolutely nothing. Although, I strongly suspect it is a derivative of "side dish".
But, what side is your side on? Does it go on the left side, or the right side......where does it go?
If I go into a BBQ joint and they ask me what kind of a side I want, and I answer, "A side of beef", they are going to think I am a smart-mouth.
Anyway, here is a shrimp salad recipe you can use as a side when your barbecue-eatin' friends come over:
  • A half pound of pre-cooked salad, or large tails off shrimp
  • Medium-size head of green cabbage
  • Mayo
  • Tabasco, or hot sauce
  • Worchester sauce
  • Old Bay Seasoning
  • Coursely ground pepper
  • In a very large bowl, add coursely cut up cabbage. I don't shred the cabbage. Peel off a couple of outer layers. Start at the top of the head and vertically slice off about one inch, cross cut that into about one inch slices. Repeat until you have just about filled up the bowl.
    Add mayo, I do not saturate the cabbage, use enough (about five or six tablespoons) so that you can get the cabbage to adher. You don't need a whole bunch of Mayo.
    Add about five dashes of Worchester, and five dashes of Tabasco. Sprinkle the Old Bay and pepper on top and mix in. Best to let everything mingle overnite.
    Now, I don't add the shrimp to the salad until ready to eat for safety reasons. Shrimp can go bad on you real fast. If the shrimp are large enough, you can stick them on the barbie for a few minutes, or pan fry them if so desired. However, I never do this with pre-cooked shrimp.
    I hope you enjoy this shrimp salad recipe as a side, or even as nice refreshing main dish, maybe with a nice bread.

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