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Letting Bratwurst soak up some suds, spices and then grilling them is a real blast. A griller's delight! However, a real pay off (maybe a major goal thing for the entire year) is being able to sink your teeth into one as it comes off the grill! "Holy Jumpin' Up And Down, Martha!"
But first dude, you have to get yourself happily involved into a premium Bratwurst like Johnsonville, or "Brats" as many people call them. If you going to grill and eat Brats�buy the best, don't be "A Skimpy Dude"!
Just As Important If Not More Important: Purchase a bottle of beer for cooking the Bratwurst. Geez, maybe get a whole bunch more beer so that you can stay extremely focused and cool during this whole cooking and grilling process.
Music: And in the meanwhile, get with some funky music. Blues, jazz... "something that cooks a little!" Motivation and excitement stuff!
I used a bottle of "Henry Weinhard's Blackberry Wheat Ale" to cook the Brats in. I hope you remember some of their great commercials, "Hey there, where y'all goin' with all that beer?" from the Oregon Border Patrol guys.
Some folks prefer using a dark beer, or ale when cooking the Bratwurst, and that's cool! Actually, you could probably use a nice wine as a substitute. But Brats and beer kinda go together. Are you startin' to get it?
Recipe Time: (I'm assuming that if you have read this far, that you are still alive)
  • One Beer (Just one? You got to be kidding? Get a grip, dude! Chill!)
  • Package of Johnsonville Brats (A five pack. If you do this right 5 ain't goin' be enough)
  • Maybe Some Spice like Luzianne Cajun ('tis 1 of the best seasonings out there, period)
  • A Pan (Spring for the Bayou Cast Iron one at Amazon)
  • Any Kind Of BBQ Grill (One that lights up, dude)
  • For You� (A six pack of cold beer to get thru all the dark periods of grilling ...golly gee, like you never know when a minute flare-up might occur. Be prepared!)
  • I have a first-class shallow cast iron pan (like the Bayou below) that I can use on the barbie. It takes a little longer to warm up than a normal pan, but they are the best thing since sliced bread.
    Ok, you don't really need a cool cast iron cookware pan like the Bayou necessarily, but they come in handy for other things, like using as a casserole or lasagna pan. Plus, Amazon has a great price on one.
    Sure, you can buy flimsy, expensive aluminum foil pans all the time, but it won't take long before you realize you could have easily afforded the Bayou pan in the first place. What were you thinking? Don't be "A Skimpy Dude"! Geez!
    Getting To The Gritties: Light both sides of the barbecue: For a gas BBQ, medium even low for the pan, between medium and high on the other side. For charcoal, push the coals to on side and put the pan on the other. For the Traeger Grill place directly over the middle on high heat.
    Place a brew in the pan, place a brew in you. Let it get to a simmering type of temperature. Some folks add onions, peppercorns and all kinds of things. That's cool! Like maybe use your imagination. But, I hope it's not a first, dude!
    I added bunches of Luzianne Cajun Seasoning to the pan. Place the Bratwurst in the pan and cook on both sides until they turn grayish. You will see that the seasoning sticks to the Brats as they are simmering.

    Crunch Time: The whole idea, the premise, your goal for the week is not to destroy the Bratwurst. So let's be cool and gently cook them in a simmering temp. You do not want the casings to break.
    Some people cook them for about ten minutes. It takes me more like 20 minutes. I cook them real slow.
    Once you get the grayish look, it is time to grill them. Hey, not to hot of a grill. You don't want them to split. Is your brain starting to rally? Do you have the situation within reach?
    What you want is nice grill marks on your Bratwurst. Move them around on the grill to insure even cooking, turning only once. Again, watch the heat, you don't want them burned on the outside and not cooked in the inside...that sucks big time!
    So have fun with Bratwurst. Sure, you can grill the proverbial and cheaper weenie (dude, you don't ever want to know "what's in dat weenie") and, do you really really want to be known as "A Skimpy Dude"??? Get with the Brats!

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