Kamado Ceramic Grills
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There are all types of grills out there and one that is becoming more and more popular are the ceramic charcoal grills. And, one brand that stands out among this group is the Kamado.
They originated in the 1960's and have been popular ever since. Many chefs and, of course, barbecue folks think they are the greatest thing since "sliced bread" or maybe more descriptive: "Pulled Pork"!
They are manufactured from Terapex Ceramics. This material is designed to handle high heat and, this is real important, enhance the taste of the food that comes off of it while retaining the moisture in that food that is so important in good barbecuing.
The cooking surface on a Kamado is eighteen inches, which is pretty good size and it can handle large-size poultry, steaks, homemade-pizza, hamburgers and just about anything you might want to grill or BBQ. They cook very evenly across the grilling surface.
If you are thinking "green", they are fuel efficient using only about 30 percent of the charcoal fuel that conventional barbecue grills use. They are designed to have you cooking in five minutes.
It's a beautiful alternative to a gas, wood pellet or conventional charcoal grill.
The Kamado is good looking, it's going to look superb on your deck or patio, and you are going to impress family, friends and yourself with this outstanding grill.

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