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Challenging, maybe more than barbecuing and grilling meat is coming up with ideas for grilling veggies and getting healthy!
En Eefecto: Vegan folks like to grill as much as their meat-eating friends. For me grilling veggies and fruit can be both challenging and rewarding. Plus, it should be part of the "total meal experience".
The closest many of the pure meat lovers get to vegan grilling is a shish kabob´┐Ża couple of cherry tomatoes, a green pepper and maybe some chunks of pineapple. Well, at least it's not all meat.
I will have to admit, I blog more about barbecuing meat than I do about grilling vegetables and fruit. However, in reality I grill more fruits and veggies than I do meat, especially when they are in season.
The above photo is of four zucchini (2 yellow, 2 green), two ears of corn and a head of cauliflower, fixed a very special way. I think you will like the recipe for the cauliflower.
I cut the zucchini length wise and rubbed EVOO (only olive oil safe for vegans) on them so they would not stick to the grill. I husked the corn and also rubbed EVOO on it.
I am a big fan of Chef Paul Prudhomme. I used his "Vegetable Magic" on both the zucchini and the corn.
Before I put the corn on the grill I zapped both ears for 4 minutes in a covered pie plate, and poured a tad bit of water into the dish. I figured that this saves a lot of grilling time, and the idea is to have everything cooked and done at about the same time.
Clean a head of cauliflower and brush on Spectrum non-egg mayo and yellow mustard. Next, finally chop up a couple tablespoons of red onion and distribute over the entire head. Sprinkle on Prudhomme's Vegetable Magic. Cover and zap for 4 minutes, with a little water at the bottom of, like a Corning Ware dish.
Place the cauliflower in a separate pan and place shredded "Sheese", a non-dairy type of cheese over the top before putting on the grill. Actually, the cauliflower is cooked, but the Sheese is not completely melted. Hey, anyway, it's going to look cool on the grill.
Light up one side of the grill to medium heat or 325 degrees. Place the cauliflower in a metal container, lined with foil and place on the unheated side. Close the hood periodically to help melt the Sheese.
Place the corn and zucchini on the heated side. This will go fast! Flip the zucchini after a couple of minutes on the grill. If overcooked they will become soggy. The corn is less sensitive. Make sure you get the cool grill marks.

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